Mell Basham

Administrative Specialist

Mell Basham (she/her)
(406) 595-5094
Denver, CO

Mell Basham is an Administrative Specialist in Denver, Colorado for Jason Wiener|p.c. Her area of focus is on data management, systems architecture, and firm technology.

Mell was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas and after a few months, the then newborn and her family moved to the Philippines where she spent her formative years. Her family then relocated to Colorado – the home state of her father – where Mell spent the remainder of her childhood. Independent from a young age, she has always followed a non-traditional path which has forged a belief that the human experience is meant to be liminal and transformative. Her professional journey has been through many iterations – steward, sommelier, sous-chef, supervisor, software engineer – careers with vastly different skill sets, but with the common thread of focusing on customer experiences and success.

At any given time, you can find Mell sitting in a river sipping on an ice-cold Michelada, planning her yearly yurt-trip, or contentedly chopping away at veggies in the kitchen.


Software Engineering Certificate, Flatiron School