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PR: Francisca Pretorius Joins Firm Full Time

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2018 CONTACT: Jason R. Wiener 720.445.6860 jason@jrwiener.com www.jrwiener.com Linda D. Phillips 303.355.0401 linda@jrwiener.com www.jrwiener.com   Francisca Pretorius Joins Firm Full Time   Jason Wiener|p.c., a public benefit corporation, is pleased to announce that Francisca Pretorius has joined the firm in a full-time capacity. She will hold the dual roles of …

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Creating the Workplace We Want

Management and operation of a law firm has taken many forms over the years and we are exploring new, innovative ways to run our firm. We are experimenting with the use of democratic principles, Teal, and self-management to develop a style that works for us and our clients. Earlier this week, Jason sent an article around …

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Cooperatives and Founder Incentives

Hi there. Today we’ll be discussing the ways in which contemporary cooperatives incentivize founders to take entrepreneurial risk and reward their visionary zeal within the cooperative structure. This question regularly arises in our work. Let’s start by unpacking what founder equity is really all about.  When an entrepreneur starts up a new business, they’re taking …

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