Essential Resources for General Counsel

Asking for and receiving experienced legal advice early on will prevent bigger issues (and save money) later. Whether you’re in start-up mode, you’re just not receiving creative and solution-oriented counsel, or you’ve exceeded current capacities, we would be glad to serve as general outside counsel. To help determine if there is a good fit and to inform our initial discussion, we suggest you think through these initial questions.

We’ll be asking these questions if we chat.

  1. What is the nature of your business?
  2. Does your business have a social or environmental purpose?
  3. What legal issues concern you?
  4. Are you looking for legally-trained strategic counsel as well?
  5. Are you interested in, or are actively pursuing B Corp certification?
  6. What sector is your business in?
  7. What type of entity is your business?
  8. How many owners are there in your business?
  9. How is the business financed?
  10. How long has the business been operating?
  11. Is the business profitable?
  12. Does your query arise in connection with, or in anticipation of, litigation?
  13. How are you dealing with these issues right now?
  14. What about our practice appeals to you?
  15. Time requirement
    1. What do you anticipate as the monthly time requirements?
    2. Is this a one-off issue, or do you foresee a monthly engagement?

How the Jason Wiener|p.c. Team can help

We have deep experience in and passion for shared ownership, alternative finance, and regenerative/transformative business models with a strong component of social enterprise or alternative business ownership. For a full list of our services, click here.

Additional Resources

Most of our clients have similar questions. We’ve created these helpful guides for the top 5 most common topics.