Essential Resources for Getting Help with a Transaction

Are you about to undertake a complex deal? Are you looking to develop a custom transactional agreement template? Do you need top quality legal counsel to review, advise you and help you negotiate an agreement?

First off, kudos on such a huge endeavor! We’re here to help. We will have some questions for you first.

  1. What is the nature of your transaction?
  2. What type of business entity is involved?
  3. What is your experience with these types of transactions?  If so, what was the outcome?
  4. Describe any unique challenges or objectives you have for this transaction?
  5. How important is preserving the relationship with the other party vs. achieving your individual benefit?
  6. What is the duration of performance contemplated by the transaction?  How long will this last?
  7. Does this transaction involve proprietary and/or confidential information?
  8. Describe your risk tolerance.
  9. How willing are you to entertain more novel approaches to the transaction?  E.g., plain language contracts/tone/reciprocal terms/open source/model contracts/teal lawyering.
  10. How can our firm best support you?

Additional Resources

We’ll have more ideas to send you once we learn more about your specific transaction.

As a general reference for contracts, IP, and more we recommend The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Law and Strategy (5th ed.) by Constance Bagley and Craig Dauchy, and Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy (Dec. 7, 2013) by Janelle Orsi.

Most of our clients have similar questions. We’ve created these helpful guides for the top 5 most common topics.