Essential Resources for Raising Mission-Aligned and Non-Extractive Capital for a Business

If you’re starting or growing a business, you’ll need to think carefully about raising capital. We have helped countless mission-driven companies and non-profit organizations raise capital and comply with complex securities laws. We can help you raise capital on terms that work for your business. For us to know how to help you, we have the following questions for you.

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  1. How much money are you looking to raise, and by when?
  2. In what state is your business located?
  3. In which states are you looking to raise capital?
  4. Who do you want as investors?
    1. Do you intend to sell to non-accredited investors? Or sell to accredited investors only?
    2. Do you intend to sell to friends and family only?  Or looking to offer via general advertisement?
    3. Are you comfortable with a large number of small-dollar investors?
  5. What is your entity type?
  6. What sort of investment security do you intend to sell?  What are the terms?
  7. Do you have a written business plan?
  8. How have you raised capital so far, if at all?
  9. How much control do you want to keep over your business?
  10. What type of exit strategy (individual and/or company) are you targeting?
  11. How do you anticipate repaying the principal investment plus a return?
  12. Does your business serve a social or environmental purpose that philanthropic funds would support?

Most of our clients have similar questions. We’ve created these helpful guides for the top 5 most common topics.