Timeliness and Responsiveness

We strive to provide meaningful responses in a timely fashion. You will always rest assured that your matter is receiving the attention it needs and that you will receive a timely response, even if just a personalized confirmation of receipt.

Mission Matters

Your matter will never be reduced to a rote task and you will never receive one-size-fits-all advice. We strive to provide tailored counsel that seamlessly incorporates your organization’s mission and values. Your mission will always remain top of mind in our dealings and we will always advise you of potential threats to your mission.


We strive to provide transparency with respect to all aspects of our work together. You will know where we are in a given process and what steps lay ahead. We will do everything possible to avoid surprises.

Ethical Business Practices

We strive to be a sounding board for your decision-making, whether legal, strategic, or otherwise. We will counsel you through the process of ethical decision-making with compassion, an open and non-judgmental mind, and objective reasoning.

Open Communication

We will communicate openly and candidly with you and we expect the same in return. Nothing is gained in our trust-based relationship if you do not feel you can be open or if you do not feel you are receiving candid feedback. While always respecting the sensitivity and confidentiality of your matter, we will encourage you to openly communicate with your organization’s stakeholders.


We will provide you with the most competent and thorough counsel we can, and we will respect your decisions. While we may not always agree on a particular course of action or about all issues involved in your matter, we will approach all dealings with respect and courtesy.


We strive to work with entrepreneurial people who want to create positive impact for the world. We respect entrepreneurs who are willing to think big, act boldly, and strive to change the world. To that end, we will strive to bring cutting edge solutions to your matter. We will counsel you through the ins and outs, the risks and rewards of new approaches and intrepid strategies. We will navigate risk as a team.


When practical and appropriate, we will advise you as to innovative ways to democratize elements of your organization. In governance, capital, supply, credit, finance, and other business issues, we will help you evaluate creative ways of distributing and sharing management, decision-making, control, wealth, and risk management. To the extent meaningful to you and your stakeholders, we will help you maximize your role in building regenerative economies and communities.