Gallun Snow becomes employee owned with assistance from RMEOC and attorneys Linda Phillips and Tonya Price

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Gallun Snow Interior Design

Gallun Snow Becomes Employee Owned!

Gallun Snow Interior Design became employee owned on October 1st. The company began in 1988 and is now a nationally recognized Healthcare Interior Design firm. They have an amazing team and are excited to be able to maintain what they have built over the last 31 years, rather than see that change if they chose to sell the business.

They are proud of the culture that has been cultivated over the years and wanted an option to maintain their identity as a firm while allowing for existing owners to move towards retirement. They see the benefits of employees having more influence in how the company is run and the pride of ownership.

For Gallun Snow, the path to employee ownership included working with RMEOC and attorneys Linda Phillips and Tonya Price.

The main goal for the company moving forward will be remaining fair to both the co-owners and the non-owners, placing value on each, while also incentivizing and rewarding co-owners.

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