The New Trusts: Democratic Ownership Beyond the ESOP

This webinar on emerging explorations on trust structures—their promise and their problems features Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder), Christopher Michael (Christopher Michael P.C.), Camille Kerr (Upside Down Consulting), Derek Razo (Purpose Ventures), Sara Stephens (Sustainable Economies Law Center), and our very own Jason Wiener (Jason Wiener | p.c.).

A new generation of lawyers, investors, and worker advocates has been exploring new strategies for broad-based ownership—potentially serving employees, contractors, and community stakeholders. Many of these involve reworking the mechanics of the trust, the legal structure at the heart of the ESOP.

In this interactive webinar, we hear from some of the leaders of this emerging conversation about advancing the Kelso paradigm, from ESOPs to online platforms; perpetual trusts for employee ownership; labor trusts for worker benefit; purpose trusts for multi-stakeholder stewardship; lessons from the legacy of land trusts; and uncomfortable questions about trust structures.

Stay tuned for blog posts featuring golden share and mission preservation in cooperative and corporate structures.

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