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A Leap forward for the Cooperative movement

As a cooperative attorney nothing is more exciting than stumbling on the odd article sharing a cooperative success story. Some days though, it’s more than the random, obscure news story, some days it’s an announcement that makes it feel like the movement is going mainstream. Today is one of those days. Today Evergreen Business Services …

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Last Legal Cafe of 2018 – it’s free!

We will be hosting our last legal cafe of 2018 on Tuesday, November 13th at Wayfinder Coop! This free workshop will introduce attendees to the basic principles of cooperatives, explain what makes Colorado cooperatives special, and teach attendees how cooperatives can raise capital. You will leave with a better understanding of what the cooperative model …

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The Cooperative Business Model

This is a re-post of a webinar that Linda and Jason led on the cooperative business model. It was hosted by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) in 2015. It discusses the different types of cooperatives, what it means to be a single class vs a multi-stakeholder cooperative, how cooperatives raise capital, governance, operations, and …

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Limited Cooperative Associations and Early Stage Financing

Cooperatives are the original social enterprise business model and Colorado is emerging as the “Delaware of cooperative law,” thanks in no small part to limited cooperative associations (LCAs), authorized by C.R.S. Title 7, Article 58. The limited cooperative association is a relatively new entity type, adopted in Colorado in 2010.  It offers a balance of …

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Colorado is leading the way in cooperative law

There are lots of reasons to love Colorado – the sunshine, the mountains, Colfax Avenue and all its splendid weirdness, just to name a few. While those things are all great, the coolest thing about Colorado is that it’s leading the way in innovative uses of the cooperative structure, in no small part thanks to …

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