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Department of Labor Issues New Final Rule (2024) to Clarify Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status under FLSA

We previously wrote on the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)’s 2021 rule publication regarding classification of employees and independent contractors in the context of gig workers. The DOL has again published a new final rule clarifying the test for determining the status of a worker as an employee or an independent contractor. For any business …

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Reflections on Co-op Cincy and Cooperative Professionals Guild Conferences in 2023

I recently attended two cooperative-related professional events in 2023: the Co-op Cincy Union Co-op Symposium and the Cooperative Professionals Guild Conference. As someone relatively new to practicing law in the cooperative movement space, I wanted to share my reflections and thoughts following these very inspiring experiences. By starting as an associate attorney with JWPC in …

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Worker Cooperative Board Compensation

Introductory note: this blog post will be discussing board compensation for worker cooperatives.  It does not address other forms of cooperatives (purchasing, marketing, producer, etc.) which may not have the same issues as worker cooperatives regarding board compensation.  When starting a business, among many of the decisions the organization must make is what to pay …

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