Kayla Adiletto


As someone deeply driven by a profound passion to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future, I believe that our actions today shape the world we envision for tomorrow.

Kayla Adiletto (she/her)

Oaklyn, New Jersey


Kayla is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning Marketing, Sales, and Corporate Law. After earning her Paralegal Certificate from Boston University, she embarked on a new and exciting career journey in the legal realm, bringing her unique skill set to the forefront.

Her multifaceted expertise proved invaluable when she joined Nerd Street, an esports tech startup on a mission to democratize access to esports training and education in underserved areas across the country. At Nerd Street, Kayla played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion, combining her legal acumen with her business knowledge to navigate the intricate landscape of compliance and corporate law.

Kayla’s journey reflects her dedication to making a meaningful impact at the intersection of law, business, and technology. With her strategic mindset and commitment to social responsibility, she continues to be a driving force in fostering accessibility and positive change with Jason Wiener p.c.

Outside the professional realm, Kayla is a vibrant individual who finds joy in creative pursuits. A true artist at heart, she is a member of a band, where she not only contributes her talents, but also thrives in the collaborative energy of creating music with friends. In addition to her musical endeavors, Kayla extends her artistic flair to the world of ceramics. A skilled potter, she dedicates her free time to teaching pottery at her local ceramics studio. Her commitment to the community extends beyond the corporate boardroom, as she imparts her knowledge and passion for pottery to eager learners.

Through these artistic pursuits, Kayla not only finds solace and expression but also nurtures a sense of community, connecting with others who share her love for creativity and craftsmanship. Kayla’s commitment to both her professional endeavors and creative passions showcases her ability to strike a harmonious balance in life.


B.A., Stockton University

Paralegal Certificate, Boston University