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Employee Ownership Models

8/10 baby-boomer owned businesses has no succession plan. Nationally, less than 25% of businesses valued at less than $1M can find a buyer. We are living through the largest wealth transfer in human history. In this presentation, Jason Wiener explores the structures and mechanics of converting a small business to employee ownership. The presentation focuses …

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The New Trusts: Democratic Ownership Beyond the ESOP

This webinar on emerging explorations on trust structures—their promise and their problems features Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder), Christopher Michael (Christopher Michael P.C.), Camille Kerr (Upside Down Consulting), Derek Razo (Purpose Ventures), Sara Stephens (Sustainable Economies Law Center), and our very own Jason Wiener (Jason Wiener | p.c.). A new generation of lawyers, investors, …

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Divest…and now what? Tips for Local Investing

If you’re one of the many who have been moved to take matters into your own hands and ensure that your retirement accounts are divested from sin-sectors, such as fire-arms, alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, mining, or other companies and industries that extract from the earth, people or communities, you may be asking “now what?”  The divestment …

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The Best Way to Fight Uber? Own It.

Originally published at the Roosevelt Institute Progressives should embrace employee ownership as one of the best ways to challenge corporate power from the bottom up and put supporting the growth of worker-owned firms in the center of our strategy. As the economy becomes Uber-ized and dominant firms in all sectors take up more and more market share, …

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