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Contract Drafting: More Art than Science

I’ve been practicing law for more than 13-years.  By some measurements, I’m still in the adolescent phase of my career.  Nevertheless, in that time, I have reviewed and drafted thousands of contracts, ranging from the commonplace – NDAs, LOIs, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Consulting Services Agreements, Contractor Agreements – to the more complex – cooperative …

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Women in the Law

It is common knowledge that women outnumber men in law school enrollment, but they aren’t sticking with the profession. While women are well represented at associate levels (approximately 46%), there is a sharp decline in the senior ranks. Only nineteen percent of equity partners are women. For every one hundred women promoted to partner, one …

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PR: Francisca Pretorius Joins Firm Full Time

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2018 CONTACT: Jason R. Wiener 720.445.6860 jason@jrwiener.com www.jrwiener.com Linda D. Phillips 303.355.0401 linda@jrwiener.com www.jrwiener.com   Francisca Pretorius Joins Firm Full Time   Jason Wiener|p.c., a public benefit corporation, is pleased to announce that Francisca Pretorius has joined the firm in a full-time capacity. She will hold the dual roles of …

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New Law: How investment in culture and people fosters innovation, collaboration and client service

Originally published on September 5, 2018 on Medium. How does a law firm, known largely as a stagnant institution, nurture a culture of trust, openness, entrepreneurship, resilience and collaboration? Read on to learn how we are liberating ourselves — from the clock and the obligations of client matters — to focus on the meaningful and necessary work of building …

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Corporate governance for stakeholders

My journey to the practice of law has not been linear. My sensitivity to injustice and inequality, on the other hand, has been a constant driver. I’ve always been in search of a solution, which led me to seek a deeper understanding of the systematic ways inequality has been ingrained into the fabric of society, …

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