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New Models for #platformcoop Design, Part 5: Reciprocal Ownership

In this series so far, we have analyzed the potential for a sistered for-profit entity and cooperative entity to separately optimize for financing and member-orientation.  Since publishing this series, I’ve received some good feedback from readers.  Some have asked about additional terms and benefits that could be designed into the TechCo – Cooperative “pre-nuptial” agreement. …

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New Models for #platformcoop Design Part 2

Click here to read the first post in the series, The Marriage of TechCo and Co-op. If traditional tech platforms are generally designed to maximize liquidity value, and cooperatives are generally designed to maximize use value, how can the #platformcoop movement successfully blend both models to meet the needs of all stakeholders involved? We think one …

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Employee Ownership Models

8/10 baby-boomer owned businesses has no succession plan. Nationally, less than 25% of businesses valued at less than $1M can find a buyer. We are living through the largest wealth transfer in human history. In this presentation, Jason Wiener explores the structures and mechanics of converting a small business to employee ownership. The presentation focuses …

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